Topless Kim Kardashian calls in professionals to buff her booty to recreate Bo Derek’s iconic shoot… a year after THOSE unflattering snaps

When Kim Kardashian took to the sand to recreate Bo Derek’s iconic perfect 10 beach scene, she wasn’t taking any chances.

The mother-of-three – who has previously been left disappointed by unflattering bikini shots – employed a full team to primp and groom her body into looking its very best on the Malibu beach.

Dream team: As she stood on the sand, assistants buzzed around, primping and dressing an amiable Kim

Bending down, he got hands on as he carefully spritzed and rubbed make-up into her behind, as Kim waited patiently.

A female dresser was tasked with making sure Kim’s bikini looked just right, carefully rearranging the two-piece as Kim went topless for some shots.

The 37-year-old wore a bikini and had her hair in braids as she took inspiration from Bo’s memorable look from the iconic 1979 comedy 10.

A photographer waited as the final touches were made, before getting Kim into position for her shoot.

And watching the whole scene unfold was a videographer, presumably filming for Kim’s family show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

We're going to need another bottle! Kim Kardashian's assistant spritzes her behind with make-up as she poses on the beach in Malibu while recreating Bo Derek's iconic look from the 1979 film

While the work that goes into getting the perfect Instagram shot may seem like overkill, Kim’s attention to detail is understandable.

The 37-year-old has previously been disappointed in photos taken of her while at the beach – even going so far as to suggest that a set of images taken this time last year may have been Photoshopped, which the photographer furiously denied.

It takes a village: The team walk beside Kim during the shoot; other beach goers can be seen in the background

But by enlisting her team of professionals to prep her, Kim can ensure that she is looking her best.

That attention to detail was reflected in her choice of outfit for the shoot.

While Bo wore a skimpy gold string bikini for 10, Kim wore a more modern white version for her shoot, although she followed the original when it came to her hair.

Taking a dip! Kim braved the waves in search of the perfect Instagram

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